Modalert (provigil) 100 mg

$66.00 $57.00


Modalert (provigil) 100 mg

$66.00 $57.00

Generic name Modanafil
Manufacturer Sun Pharma
Strength 100 Mg
Dosage type Tablet
Comes as Foil in Box
Contains 100Tabs


What are the benefits of Modalert (Modafinil)?

Modalert fits in the nootropics class of medicines. It is utilized to treat dozing issues, for example obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy and shift work disorder. The medication has been used for memory upgrade. It helps in expanding cognitive capabilities and recalling process. In narcolepsy, an individual is uanble to stay active and awake throughout the daytime and subsequently experiences drowsiness. By devouring this modalert tablets one can stay awake for more time. Individuals working in shifts regularly experience the ill effects which are meant by the sleepiness in working hours.


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