Shipping Charges:

Shipping for Tracked service is 25 USD, you may at order request us to note to waive signature, but this is up to your mail carrier we can not guarantee it. Tracked service is average 1-2 weeks (can be longer) and if items do not update in 30 days we can do and will reship. We highly recommend this option. Tracked services are signature based upon arrival.

Shipping for airmail is 15 USD, there is no way to know where the items are and as such we do not offer any reshipping option on this method.

Emails, Packing and Shipping: Our normal day is to do emails in our morning then move to packing and then to shipping. If we start packing we generally do not like to go back into emails as this can create errors for us, trying to mix in new orders with what we set out to pack already, so to prepare the best way we try to do emails first then stop emails for the rest of the day. So do not worry if we stop replying until the next day. This is normal.

Tracking: You can email to us and ask for tracking code a few days after we confirm your order.

Payment: We take only crypto coin, currently. We take BTC ETH and LTC it is the safest method for payment for everyone.

Email: You can email us at orders@modafinshop.com and if we are not reached there you can use modafinshop@tutanota.com Also please check your SPAM box before writing to us again as we could be in your spam box.

Where we are located and ship from: We ship from India and are in India.

Returns: Once shipped we do not accept any returns or issue refunds. If items do not arrive we do reship one time for free if you used a tracked shipping service.

Reshipping: If tracking does not update for 30 days or you have a held letter we do reship which ever one comes first.

Shipping time: Shipping time is the AVERAGE, it is not a guarantee.

Legality: The products we sell and ship are legal in our region to sell over the counter, you are responsible for knowing your own local rules.

Tracking: WE suggest you use a service like Track24 or 17track to track your packages.

Are the products Pharma Grade: All products we sell are made by legal registered Pharmacy Companies, there is no product that is home made or produced from untested raw material.