Etizolam: For anxiety and relaxation

Etizolam is a synthetic, fast-acting depressant from the compound class of thienodiazepines, which produces benzodiazepine like suppression, muscular relaxation, health and health reduction.



Ethizols are usually administered properly and sublingually. Ethizols are normally not prescribed or known as a controlled substance in many areas of the world, resulting in an increase in its popularity as a chemical substitute for benzodiazepines, that are often used for recreational effects. It is normally produced in the form of granules or tablets.


Culture and history


Etizolam first appeared as RC (research compound ) on the grey market in 2011. Ever since then, his popularity has steadily improved. Likely, it’s connected with its low price and using its abundance and high possibility of dependence.


Although this is a comparatively new RC (research compound ), etizolam differs from the majority of other RCs in it is accepted and is actively prescribed as a remedy for anxiety in several nations around the globe except the USA. Its origins as a health care item are unclear, although clinical documents discussing its use in the treatment of stress have been created back in the 1990s. An individual can purchase Etizolam for research from a variety of places such as 


Physical effects


Sedation: This drug can be particularly soothing and often contributes to an overwhelming lethargic state.

Muscle comfort

Physical euphoria

reduction of control within the entire body

Inhibition of respiration

Increased libido

Suppression of Infection

Enhancing appetite


scant erectile dysfunction Cognitive Effects

Suppress alert


Cognitive euphoria

Compulsive repetition. This component is related to a rapid decline (the lower the release, the less the urge to replicate ).

Suppressing memory


Misconceptions: This is a false belief that a individual is sober, despite obvious evidence of the opposite, such as serious cognitive impairment and also the inability to communicate with other people.

Suppression of analytic capability

Filling the ego

Slowing the thought process

Suppression of motivation

Suppression of feelings





Anxiety: Stress is a common effect in soothing substances, such as benzodiazepines and estazolam. Normally, it corresponds to the length spent under the effect of this material, as well as the whole quantity consumed for a definite period.

Intensifying dreams or suppressing fantasies

Drowsiness: a feeling of residual drowsiness, can accompany users around the trail. The day following the reception

Slowing the thought process

Disorganization of thought


Paradoxical Effects


Occasionally, paradoxical reactions occur to thienodiazepines and benzodiazepines, like an increase in parasitic disorders, aggressiveness, higher anxiety, aggressive behaviour, loss of management, hyperactivity and suicidal behaviour (even though they’re seldom seen in about 1 percent of cases). These side effects effects occur with a greater frequency in people abusing recreational usage, people with mental disorders, in addition to in patients in high-dose regimens.


Toxicity and injury


Etizolam has low toxicity concerning the dose. But, it is potentially fatal dangerous when combined with depressants, such as alcohol or opioids. It is strongly recommended that harm reduction methods are used when utilizing this drug.

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