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Where do you ship from? WE ship from India.

Where do you ship too? We ship to the USA, UK, AUS, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and more. We do not ship to Canada, Germany, France and some more. When in doubt ask us and we will reply on the options. We also know of some resellers that do stealth and ship the items from other countries for some products. Just ask we and can advise our current knowledge.

Do you guarantee arrival? To AUS, USA, UK we will reship if items are held or lost if you use EMS shipping method, we do not reship if using Airmail. Airmail is not trackable so we have no ideas if items arried or not.

What type of payments do you take? We take only crypto coin, LTC, BTC, ETH, Dash.

I ordered but did not get a wallet to pay, what gives? We review each order in our day time and reply, due to the time change it might take a while to get our payment address, but as we get a lot of spam orders and we change wallets daily please allow to review items then reply.

I emailed you but have not heard back yet. We are overseas so our time of work is different then yours we do answer all emails but allow us up to 30 hours to reply given possible weekends / holidays or similar, we do work every day but sometimes different shifts due to holidays.

Can I get a free sample to test you and your product? Sorry no we are not giving out free samples, we do not make any product we only sell pharmacy made products from licensed pharmacies, we do not get cheap (possible fake and often non tested) raw material out of China and press our own tablets or cap our own products and pass them along as legitimate products. We have been around for a long time and do not disappoint our large client base.

I ordered but I have not received a tracking code. Please email us we do not always send out shipping updates, so if you do not get a shipping code please email us a few days after your order confirmation / payment confirmation and we will provide to you.

How can I reach you? You can email us at modafinshop@tutanota.com or orders@modafinshop.com.

I emailed you but I have not heard back. Please check your spam folder we might have replied and your email put us in your spam.

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